Build your Skills not your Resume.

We provide you a chance to share your experiences, knowledge and ideas in a domain of your expertise. This helps you to earn as a student and builds up confidence to mentor your peers.


Complication: Hesitation of students to ask a query.

From olden days, every student has a fear to clear their doubts by which they are left with queries in subjects and face discomforts to learn what they need to.


Solution: Peer learning is the best way to learn perfectly.

Igyan provides peer tutors who teach the learners in a unique way to make them perfect in the domain of their interest and provide them the best experience of exploring.

What do you need to have?

Igyan need them who have a desire to create impact in other lives.

Have some patience

Mentees expect a personal touch when they select a mentor. Often, mentors are their window into the world out there and so spending time is of utmost importance. You are required to provide 1 to 3 hrs of assistance to each mentee per month.

Share your Experience

If you have zeal to join Igyan, you need to have the attribute of expertise coaching and be the best representatives of subjects and have a glance over students.

Being Friendly

If you have the confidence to be a Igyan tutor, firstly you need to be a friendly person. You have to be the perfect tutors who act as friend to explore together with the students.

To Create Impact

To be an impact creator of Igyan, you need to acquire the ability to explain the concepts with practical examples and make a student impactful in learning and exhibiting the domain of their interest.

What do you get?

Igyan creates Impact in tutors life too.

A Proud Moment

Opportunity to serve as role models by helping other students to learn and enrich their skills is a best experience for students.


Everything is incentivised. Payment is the recognition for your hardwork and spending valuable time to mold the students into bright futurized ones.

An Immortal Learning

Peers will benefit from the limitless educational possibilities and unlimited access to the content. We create a continuous learning culture.

A Boundless Network

By teaching different peers from various states and countries will increase a great exposure for tutor and this may help tutor to equip and learn more.


Hear from our Tutors

Steps to follow

How to become a Peer Tutor?

Fill the Application

If you are interested to become a peer tutor, fill the given below form.

Prove your worth

To become a peer tutor, you need to crack the interview and prove your worth.

Onboard as Tutor

If you are selected in the interview, you will be on boarded into Igyan.

Let's team up

Join us to become part of Igyan tutors

Team work gets the pathway to reach greatest successful positions and start a wonderful career. Teaching is a gifted boon to us for making every student of Igyan to learn and achieve wonders through their talent.

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