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To get a job or create a job skills are very much required. The technologies developed based on industry 4.0 require experiential skills. Our platform provides industry skills to all the students.

Who we are?

We have taken an oath to build a skillful India

Igyan is an edutech company which is based out of India and established in the year 2021. Igyan's vision is to build a skillfull India.

Nowadays, Industry is in a perspective that Indian graduates are not fit for Industry. Our vision is to prove them wrong, We Igyan inculcate skills in Engineering/Degree graduates through our course work where students can hike their skills by developing live projects. We provide internships to the best students to encourage them to build their careers as skilled graduates.

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We wipe students fears in writing the code and enhance their skills which make them to enjoy the code.


Our top priority is output-based education. By intervening and reviewing at the right time students acquire mastery in the selected skills.


We practice collaboration among students to work as a team to produce great work.


The process of stage-wise reviewing and collaboration among the students will definitely upskill all the stakeholders.

A matter of pride

The best platform to build skillful India

No matter what happens, we strive to make everyone of Igyan to reach their goals by nurturing them into perfectionists in their inbuilt skills. We give individual attention to every student to examine and improve them as successful persons in their field of interest.

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News and Events

We conduct events to enhance your Inbuilt Skills.

Igyan presents VIBAVIDYA 1.0

VibaVidya 1.O was conducted from September 2020 to October 2020. Each course cost is Rs. 225/-.

Igyan presents VIBAVIDYA 2.0

VibaVidya 2.O was conducted from February 2021 to April 2021. Each course costed Rs.300/-

Igyan presents VIBAVIDYA 3.0

VibaVidya 3.O was conducted from May 2021 to June 2021. Each course cost is Rs.300/-.

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