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Get Professional Online training from realtime mentors in India. Our curated collection of top-rated industrial and technical courses gives students a skillful learning with a mission to improve lives through innovative learning.


Problem - Lack of Industrial required skills

Every company requires skilled graduates-a fact says that many companies are claiming that graduates are not industry-ready. Due to this problem, new joiners are losing their jobs or settling for menial jobs.


Solution - We equip them with industrial skills

We empower students by training skills that are expected and emerged in the present industries. Hence the problem of industry readiness is solved.

what we believe is

Our core values


Our Vision is to Skill India to Industry needs and Change the education system.


With the help of Mastery based education, we want to give equal opportunity in Industry to students of remotest place also.

Plan of Action

How we make progress against our mission


Improving opportunity

Our IGYAN programs are tailor-made to Industry needs. If Students subscribe to our Courses the opportunities to get into MNC's will be increased for them.


Increasing employability

Our research and experience says that there is an evident gap and we build a bridge between Industry and academia so that the employability rate will increase.


Transforming education

We believe in Mastery based education in which we conduct hackathons, coding competitions, and skill-based tasks to see that whether the student has acquired 100% skills.


Investing in innovation

Our mentors assist students in innovative projects and make them think like entrepreneurs so that they become intrapreneurs which is an essential requisite now.

Way of Communication

We reduce the gap between Academia and Industry

Conceptual learning

For any skill if Students are oriented conceptually they can build problem solving skills which is very much required for industries. All our courses and assignments are designed to elevate conceptual learning.

Experimental learning

Exploration and Experience comes from experimental learning. Our mentors of different domains have their own teaching methods whose common goal is to teach and experiment with different types of components.

Creating industrial culture

Research says Team work, Problem solving skills and Soft skills are missing in most of the students graduating from colleges. These three are pillars for any industry to look for in graduates. Our courses are designed to imbibe Industrial culture so that our IGYAN students are Industry Ready.

Project based learning

Learning by doing is the best way to learn any skill and sustain it for longer. We make students to develop projects for every topic we teach. This way we achieve Mastery based learning. The projects are designed as per industry needs so that if they join any company they can excel in the team and company.

We solve it together

Skills build Confidence, We build Confidence

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