IOT through Arduino

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25 Days Coursework

Intermediate Level

100+ Learners

Language: English

35 hours

C programming is the basic language to learn all the programming languages. Our c tutorials will guide u to learn c programming one step at a time by helping u write an effective code


Job Oppurtunities

IOT through Arduino

Data analytics
Sensors and actuators specialist
IoT Software developer
Embedded application developer
Embedded system programmer
Full-stack IOT developer
IOT cloud developer

What do you get?

Awesome Course Perks


The best student of the course will be encouraged by providing 1 month internship

Certificate of Participation

Every student who participated in this course will gets a participation certificate with grading.


In this course each and every student is supposed to do live projects.


In this course you can clarify your doubts with your mentor by one on one mentorship.

Our Schedule

Explore our Coursework

Day 1-3

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

From Day 1 to Day 3 we have the complete introduction, Introduction to Embedded System followed by Introduction To Arduino Board and its Programming and Difference between C Syntax of Arduino and C Coding.

Day 4-6

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

From Day 4 to Day 6 we have the explanation of Breadboard and LED Interfacing, Buzzer and Switch Interfacing.

Day 7-9

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

The duration of Day 7 to Day 9 is about Serial Port, LCD and Keypad.

Day 10-12

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

Day 10 to Day 12 is about Analog Input and Ultrasonic Distance Sensing, DHT Sensor and Relay Interfacing.

Day 13-15

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

The Day 13 to Day 15 of the curriculum is the explanation to EEPROM and DC Motor Interfacing, Servo Motor Interfacing, PWM and 12C, RTC and SD Card.


Sample Certificate

Certified Course

The journey of learning never ends but there are milestones along the way we have to keep and reach to attain our ultimate goals.

Your milestones here will be the certificates you receive and deserve. Certificates from Igyan and top institutions to boost your CV and your career prospects.

our tutors

Expert Peer Tutors


Bharadwaja Gundu


Bharadwaja is highly skilled at C programming and Datastructures, Arduino and good at ESP32 Microcontrollers, ESP32.

Beyond Course

What we give beyond Coursework?


Handson Experience

Igyan tutors not only concentrate on teachings but they also try to build confidence among students through hands on session which enrich student skills and improves their efficiency in writing the code.


Online Quiz Sessions

Igyan had introduced quiz sessions to make students more interactive and develop their ability to speak by wiping their fears. we also try to create a friendly environment and help students to recall previous topics


Career advice

Igyan not only provide skills to students but it also helps students in choosing a right path to build their career. Igyan tutors advises students by sharing their live experiences and helping them further in choosing their career