Graphic Designing - Photoshop

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20 Days Coursework

Intermediate Level

100+ Learners

Language: English

20 hours

Now a days graphic graphic designing has become the base to develop posters,app or a website to promote a business organization. Enroll to this course to create an informative posters and UI UX interface which satisfies the user by bringing awareness


Job Oppurtunities

Graphic Designing using Photoshop

Multimedia Designer
Web Designer
Logo Designer
Brand Identity Designer
Flash Designer
Creative/Art Director
Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist
Layout Artist
Product Designer
User Interface (UI) Designer
User Experience (UX) Designer

What do you get?

Awesome Course Perks


The best student of the course will be encouraged by providing 1 month internship

Certificate of Participation

Every student who participated in this course will gets a participation certificate with grading.


In this course each and every student is supposed to do live projects.


In this course you can clarify your doubts with your mentor by one on one mentorship.

Our Schedule

Explore our Coursework

Day 1-3

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

In this duration of time our tutors make you people to install the required software and gives you an introduction regarding interface of photoshop.

Day 4-6

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

In this span we encourage you to learn different tools in tool box, create posters and also have a glance on masking and clipping.

Day 7-9

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

In this span you people will learn to remove a background and give retouch, understand different filters and seek knowledge regarding blending options.

Day 10-12

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

In this duration of time you will become a professional poster designer, gain knowledge on residing PSD and you will design movie posters and motion posters

Day 13-15

Classes will commence from 5 to 6 PM

In this span we will provide you the knowledge on interface of pr and you will have an interesting question and answers session


Sample Certificate

Certified Course

The journey of learning never ends but there are milestones along the way we have to keep and reach to attain our ultimate goals.

Your milestones here will be the certificates you receive and deserve. Certificates from Verzeo and top institutions to boost your CV and your career prospects.

our tutors

Expert Peer Tutors


Akoju Koushik


Akoju Koushik is highly skilled at Ps, Pr, Blender, Lightroom and Canva


Ganji Saketh Reddy


Ganji Saketh Reddy is experienced at Ps, Pr and Lightroom.


Erram Likhith


Erram Likhith is experienced at Ps, Blender and Lightroom

Beyond Course

What we give beyond Coursework?


Handson Experience

Igyan tutors not only concentrate on teachings but they also try to build confidence among students through hands on session which enrich student skills and improves their efficiency in writing the code.


Online Quiz Sessions

Igyan had introduced quiz sessions to make students more interactive and develop their ability to speak by wiping their fears. we also try to create a friendly environment and help students to recall previous topics


Career advice

Igyan not only provide skills to students but it also helps students in choosing a right path to build their career. Igyan tutors advises students by sharing their live experiences and helping them further in choosing their career